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Morgan Hotonnier - Resume


  • Passionate about computer science, I’m preparing my master degree at a computer sciences and advanced technologies engineering school called EPITA.
  • Member of the EPITA Computer System & Security Laboratory (LSE), I’m focusing on information system security.
  • Currently tutoring and assisting third year EPITA students with programming assignments in C


  • Earned from State Street French Information Security Officer and Vice President recognition regarding work performed during my internship.
  • Designed parts of the new State Street Bank Information System mapping, for both business and IT department, focusing on accessibility and IS risk visibility.
  • Taught and tutored IT notions such as programming languages and linux environment initiation to younger EPITA students.

Employment History


State Street

Paris, France

ISO (Information Security Officer) Assistant

  • As an assistant of the local State Street France ISO, I participate in multiple projects including:
    • Information System Mapping of State Street Bank France
    • A Security Control Board enhancing the IT Risk Management program (Merging ISO27001 statements and the MEHARI analysis)
    • Operational Security procedures improving software's setup
    • Participation to the Security Awareness Program enhancing feedback process
  • Each project was fully performed in English in collaboration with European teams.


ENS (Ecole Normale Supérieur)

Paris, France

Intranet developer

  • Design a new Intranet for the professors and students of Cogmaster, the cognitive science laboratory of the ENS). It consisted in:
    • Working in a team of three developers
    • The conception of functional specification and code implementation
    • The use of the RoR (Ruby on Rails) framework


2006 - Now

Security System & Network, EPITA

Villejuif, France

Master degree in Computer Sciences

  • Anticipated graduation date: Fall 2011
  • Information System administrator of the ACU team (C-Unix Assistants)
  • Courses taken included:
    • Virology: Study of virus and Trojan to understand how they infect the information system, stay stealth, spread and stay alive. These courses and tutorials were performed on Microsoft Windows XP.
    • Cryptography: Historical overview of cryptography, study of symmetrical, asymmetrical cryptography, hash functions and authentication methods such as challenge-response.
    • Information security: Course given by our Specialty Supervisor, who is also working as an ISO at AREVA. This course features several themes such as BCP Business Continuity Planning, Public Key Infrastructures, Auditing, Identity Access Management, Screening and Risk Management.
  • Projects performed included:
    • PMS: Performed in group of seven students mixed from Security, Telecom and Software engineering specialty. Each team act as a consulting company responsible of the Information System architecture design of LBDF, result of the fusion of three fake French national banks.
    • Zoglu: Project performed in groups of six students from both Security and Telecom specialty. The project consists in Network and Telecom infrastructure reconstruction of an international fossil energy prospection company.
  • Currently completing my fifth year in computer sciences
  • Student in the Security System and Network specialty of this engineering school.
  • Member of the LSE (EPITA Security & System Laboratory)

Languages & Hobbies

  • French (native), English (proficient), Spanish (basic)
  • Following new technologies
  • Reading management, business and psychology books